Finding thebest mattress for kidsis not as straightforward as it may first appear.Children have different sleep habits,require firmer levels of support and have unique health considerations that should be carefully examined.Quality sleep is important for the development of their bodies and their minds.So it should come as no surprise that the low-cost option may not be the best choice.As with all things,parents should be informed and educated consumers.In this endeavor,it's our hope that this buyers' guide will provide invaluable assistance in purchasing the perfect kids mattress.


Children need more rest than adults.From ages three to five,they require 11-13 hours of sleep,while those between the ages of five and twelve need 10-11 hours,according to pediatricians.Supporting this premise,,studies have shownchildren that perform poorly in school get less quality sleep than those children that perform well.Furthermore,sleep-deprived children often have difficulty concentrating in school,behave poorly,display symptoms of ADHD,exhibit poor social skills and tend to doze off in class.


Children are more susceptible to pollutants and harmful chemicals in their environment than adultsbecause they're still growing,their immune and neurological systems are rapidly adapting and developing,and they breathe in proportionately more air than adults.Furthermore,children have higher heart rates than adults and tend to breathe through their mouths (more so than do adults),which increases the risk of pulmonary exposure to particulates and fibers and increases the speed at which these can be absorbed into the body.This means indoor pollutants,such as certain chemicals,particles and allergens,can cause more severe health effects in children.Unfortunately,,indoor air quality is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air,,according to UL Environment,,GREENGUARD Gold by UL Environment,,Parson Healthy Materials Lab,and theU.S.Green Building Council.

The solution: keep non-natural materials and harmful chemicals out of your child's mattress.



Polyurethane foams (e.g.poly foams,conventional foams or viscoelastic foams) are petrochemical products.They're inexpensive to produce (and profitable),so they're commonly found in mattresses marketed for children and teens.They come in a wide variety of petrochemical mixes,colors and brand names — and are sometimes infused with teas,corn oil,soy or other organic materials to make them appear more"eco-friendly"and"natural."(Don't be fooled: Ask to view the legal label on the mattress.Avoid anything that says"eco foam,""bio foam,"or"soy foam.") Other petrochemical polyurethane foams may feature a CertiPUR-US® certification — a voluntary labeling program started by the Polyurethane Foam Association to manage perceptions about the health and environmental risks associated with poly foams.(Yes,the foam industry is certifying its own products.)

As advocates for green living,we believe poly foams should be avoided in favor of natural alternatives.Not because petrochemicals are inherently harmful to human health,but because petrochemical foams are commonly paired,due to legal necessity and financial incentives,with harmful chemical adhesives and toxic chemical flame retardants.These are widely associated withoff-gassing— the release of chemical odors and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) over the life of the mattress — andharmful levels of indoor air pollution.


Polyurethane foams are inherently flammable.Because federal law requires all mattresses sold in the United States to meetflammability standards,chemical flame retardants are added to meet these requirements. The problem is: these chemical flame retardants arealarmingly toxic,and known to end up in the environment and be absorbed into our bodies.They often do more harm than good.The solution is,therefore,to meet flammability safety requirements without the use of harmful chemical flame retardants.



Natural Dunlop latex is made from tree-tapped and sustainably harvested rubber trees.100% natural Dunlop latex is made with only natural ingredients.(Talalay latex also starts as natural latex,but requires additional chemicals and carbon dioxide gas in its production.As a result,we believe it is a less healthy and less eco-conscious choice.) Natural latex is an eco-conscious,high-performance material,offering resilience,durability,and temperature control that far exceeds synthetic,blended or petroleum-based polyurethane foams. When searching for the best mattress for kids,look for green certifications,such as eco-INSTITUT,GOLS or OEKO-TEX Standard 100.


Natural wool does what other natural and synthetic materials can not— it wicks away moisture,stays fresh,and acts as a natural fire barrier.Wool is also naturally anti-microbial,resistant to dust mites,and offers natural temperature control (to complement our natural latex).For a mattress that always stays fresh and cool,wool is an ideal material.Look for OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certifications.


25% of the world's pesticides are used in association with conventional cotton production.It is one of the world's most unhealthy crops.Steer clear of it.Organic cotton,however,is the complete opposite.Certified organic cotton is one of the softest,most breathable and comfortable textiles made possible by Mother Nature.Look for the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification.


Think long-term,since natural mattresses can be extremely durable!!After a toddler bed,it can easily last for your child's entire adolescent life,even into adulthood.So be sure to get a mattress large enough to accommodate for growth.A Twin XL mattress may be better suited for taller children,while Full- and Queen-sized mattresses will provide additional room that many modern,middle-aged children prefer.


Proper support is essential for your child's bone and spinal development,and to recharge their growing bodies and minds from their active days.Avoid soft and plushy sleep surfaces. Instead,opt for firmer sleep surfaces that provide ample cushioning while providing the support that active and growing children require.Natural latex mattresses,and those that combine latex with internal,zoned support systems like ours,are particularly well suited.


TheGREENGUARD Gold Certification from UL Environmentoffers the most strict certification criteria for emissions standards for chemical exposure and pollutants,such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs),formaldehyde and phthalates.It considers safety factors to account for sensitive individuals (such as children and the elderly),and ensures that a product is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.You can learnmore about GREENGUARD Goldon ourCertificationspage.

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With kids,life happens.So ALWAYS use a mattress protector,even if you are beyond the bed-wetting years. Of course,we prefer mattress protectors made with natural and organic materials. We can suggest a variety ofwaterproofandnon-waterproofoptions — many of which contain no vinyl,PVCs,or phthalates. In the event that the unforeseen does happen,learn how toclean your mattresswithout using harmful chemicals.Never let any mattress (natural or synthetic) remain wet so mold never has a chance to gain a foothold.

Don't forget a natural pillow.Pillows typically provide 20% of the body's needed support.A green and supportive pillow is the logical complement to a natural mattress,and is much healthier than synthetic alternatives.Consider ourAvocado Green Pillow.

For children with severe allergies,check with your allergist.Our mattresses,like any natural product,are not completely hypoallergenic.(In latex mattresses,most of the latex allergens that would potentially cause an allergy are washed away in the foam production process,plus there is no direct skin-to-latex contact.) Even so,about 1% of the U.S.population does have a latex allergy.Wool allergies are even less common.

Look at the warranty!!If it is a quality product,the warranty will be at least 15 years,with the first 10 years offering full replacement value coverage including return shipping.(Our warranty is 25 years!)

Look for quality,transparency and a brand that you can trust.

Read the verified customer reviews from people that have actually purchased a mattress.

Ask to see the Law Label on the mattress.Required on all mattresses sold in the United States,the Law Label reveals the hidden contents inside the mattress,using standardized terminology.No branded or marketing language is permitted.Ours is detailed right on ourAvocado 金宝搏官网Green Mattressproduct page!!


Green Natural Nontoxic Mattress Certifications


An Avocado 金宝搏官网Green Mattress is handmade in California with only thefinest natural and organic materials,including 100% natural Dunlop latex from tree-tapped and sustainable sources.There are no polyurethane foams to break down.No memory foams to off-gas.No solvent-based adhesives to emit chemical odors.And no chemical flame retardants to endanger your health.

Every Avocado 金宝搏官网Green Mattress is made simply with natural and organic materials: Our 100% natural Dunlop latex is made from tree-tapped and sustainable sources,and iseco-INSTITUT certifiedby our manufacturer.Our natural wool isOEKO-TEK 100 standard certified.Our cotton isGOTS certifiedby our mill.And our entire mattress isGREENGUARD Gold certified— tested to meet the most rigorous emissions standards for chemical exposure and pollutants,such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs),formaldehyde and phthalates.It isnon-toxic,, eco-conscious,andperfectly firmwith premium encased coils to support growing children and teens.

Best of all,every Avocado 金宝搏官网Green Mattress features a100 night trial,,free shipping,,free return pickups,available0% APRfinancing and a best-in-class25 year warranty.


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